Review of Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse


I read this book yet again today, and discovered another layer of truth. A masterpiece that’s written in such a simple language, the book deals in great depth with some of the most complex philosophical, spiritual, and psychological themes, without having to get into intricate framework that these areas typically demand in order to achieve something meaningful.

This is the story of Siddhartha. The story of a full circle of life. The story of everyone; each one of us. The story of a stream of constant realization that creeps in each one of us as we age; of the things in the past, and the emotions attached, and the balance in the larger ecosystem; all that we did not understand until we switched places to be the one on the other side.

This is a story of the complexity in the simplicity of life, and a story of the simplicity in the complexity of life. A story of growing younger in terms of knowing nothing, and a story of growing older in terms of knowing more. A story of how important friendship and companionship are; and a story of how worthless the attachments in the large scheme of overall life are. The story of a meeting place of Atman & Parmatman, and the story of the place of their separation. The story of quest for knowledge, and the story of living in ignorance.

Pure, melodic, poetic, this book should be one of the first ones on the list for every serious reader.

Pawan Mishra

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